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A Life Planning Tool Designed For The 21st Century

The Trusting Company is redefining how individuals prepare their loved ones for their departure. Our platform has been meticulously designed with your family in mind. Life planning is now more accessible, affordable, and stream-lined than ever before.

Organize your life. Trust us.

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Don’t Let Your Lack Of Planning Become Your Family’s Burden.

Too frequently are family members left to sort out their loved ones affairs, often without the first clue on where to begin. Without a life plan in place, your affairs are much like an iceberg. Your family only knows about the 10% that is above the water. Don’t leave them blind to the 90% that sits below the surface.


It’s A Family Affair

The Trusting Company platform isn’t just for you, it’s for your family. As you create your life plan, you can add and invite other family members to your LifeRaft.

Customize Your Plan

Your life is unique and can change in an instant. Keep your plan up to date by adding, removing, or modifying as often as  frequently as you please.

Share & Assign

Assign your asset information, memories, and wishes to members of your family to be share before or after your passing.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

Life Planning can be overwhelming even for those that are well prepared. We have made the process easier by guiding you through the onboarding process, making sure that you have covered all areas of your life. 


We have carefully thought through each part of your life. From your pet goldfish to your retirement plan, you can make sure all your affairs are documented.


The most vital piece of your life plan is the legal documents defining how your affairs are handled. Securely upload all your documents to your LifeRaft.

Life is Short.

Look after your family.

Not sure where to start? Need some readily available information that you can actually understand? Look no further. The Trusting Company has compiled a vast library of resoruces that are available to you at no cost. 

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