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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Trusting Co.?

Trusting Co. is a tech company that helps you prepare and organize your life, and then, assists your family. Our software products and services are designed for you to organize your life and prepare for the passing of assets, information, and wishes to family or friends. Estate planning documents often only give details of who your assets go to, not keep track of intricacies of your life. Writing down a list of your assets and wishes no longer withstands the frequent changes in your life or the continual digitalization of our society. Our unique platform allows you to leave a roadmap for your family which can drastically reduce the time and cost of settling your affairs after you’re gone.

How do I join Trusting Co.?
Joining Trusting Co. is easy. Visit Once on Trusting Co.’s homepage, click on the “join now” button and you’ll be prompted to start an account. Welcome to our family!
What are the benefits of having a Trusting Co. account?
Organization. Preparation. Peace of mind. Help ease the burden of your passing on your loved ones by keeping track of your assets, accounts, and wishes. 
How much does Trusting Co. cost?

There is no cost to create a Trusting Co. account and start building your Life Raft. However, Life Raft add ons and products such as Trusting Notary and Expedition (coming soon!) may cost the user money.

How do I delete my account?
Sign into your personal Trusting Co. account and visit the settings tab. Be sure to download your information if you would like it for your use after your account is deleted. Select “Delete Account” and confirm that you would like for your account to be deleted.
What do I need to use Trusting Co. products?

All you need is a device with internet access. Our software is web based, so as long as you can get to our website, you can access and update your account.

How does Trusting Co. make money if it is free to use?

While building your Life Raft with Trusting Co. is free, we offer paid add-ons and premium products that our users may find helpful in their life planning process and everyday life. Additionally, Trusting Co. makes money by promoting our affiliate partners. Our affiliate partners may pay Trusting co. a percentage of the revenue from the products you buy through a link on our site.

Why is my account suspended?

Accounts can be suspended if spam or fraud is suspected. Trusting Co. will investigate potential spam or fraud to secure your account.

Security & Privacy

Is Trusting Co. secure?

Yes. Trusting Co. uses the newest privacy and security technology.

Does Trusting Co. share my information?
Trust is in our name. Trusting Co. will never share or sell your personal identifiable information with any third party. To learn more about Trusting Co.’s commitment to your privacy and security, read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
How do I report spam or fraud?

Please report any potential spam or fraud to [email protected]

Life Raft

What is Life Raft?

Life Raft is our life planning software that is available to users free of charge. Imagine life raft as an actual life raft. You have oars, anchor, life jacket, first aid kit, buoy, fire extinguisher, etc.. Each  object represents an aspect of your life (Fire extinguisher = legal, First aid = medical, etc.). Add and assign family members to your Life Raft to make sure your assets, information and wishes are well taken care of.

Can I edit the information in my Life Raft?

You can add, remove, and update your account information as often as you wish.

Do my family and/or contacts have access to my Life Raft information?

The best part about your Life Raft is that you can share as much or as little information as you want with your family and contacts. You have the ability to assign and share any Life Raft information with family or contacts which can be made accessible now, in the future, or after you’re gone. For security reasons, your family or contact will only be able to view what is shared with them and must create a free account to access your information.

Can I download my Life Raft information?

Yes. Trusting Co. gives you the ability to download your information at anytime or before the cancellation or deletion of your account.

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